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Wondering how nurse salaries are comparing as a whole across the nation. Are you paid more for having a BSN or Masters as compared to those with an ASN degree? I am writing from Florida where our... Read More

  1. by   NewGrad Colleen
    Hello!!! I work in a hospital on Long Island. I have a BSN and have been working for 1 year. My base salary is $28 an hour with a $2 shift differential. I am happy with that ;-)
  2. by   YukonSean
    I have family in Long Island (Baldwin, Rockville Centre). I've spent loads of time there; I don't think the cost of living is as unaffordable as in the City. I do not know how an RN could survive NYC financially!
  3. by   jnette
    Southwestern corner of Va. checking in here... I think we're next in line after Ark. as far as sukky wages. New grad RN pay starting out at 15.76/hr. Since it's dialysis (clinic), there's no shift differentials to up it any. The local hospital in my area just got a raise for their nurses.. new grad RNs now start at $17.90... it used to be something like $15.00/hour until just a few months ago ! So now we at dialysis are waiting for our income to be brought up more in line with the local hospitals... but of course there is the issue of medicare and composite rates.... so it's not promising.
  4. by   rngrad2009
    Well, i noticed that DC has nice pay rates. My friend is a RN,BSN and is making $20hr at a MD hospital. My husband is an LPN and got a job in DC making $22hr as a graduate. So, I don't understand why the pay rates are higher in nursing homes compared to hospitals. Well, when I told my friend to check out DC nursing homes, he did, and got a PRN position at a DC nursing home making $33hr, no benefits
  5. by   healingtouchRN
    I get $0.60 more for my BSN, $1.00 more for national cert, $1.00 more for ACLS, $1.00 more for charge nurse, & $3.00/hr for more for MSN or PhD. But we have clinical ladder & I am the highest level, IV, expert RN. One must have a national certification, a BSN, or higher, & meet rigid qualifications to get this....& it is re-evaluated quarterly, if one doesn't meet the requirements, then no $$$. My rate with diffs is $28.50/hr & that is with 14+ years of uninterrupted service!!!!! I am maxed @ accumulation of sick time (720 hours-or 20 weeks). Would love a raise!!!! :chuckle
  6. by   lovemyguys
    I have two years experience as an RN in L&D in northern California. Just received a 7 percent raise, bringing me up to $30.26 an hour, but with weekend and 12 hr diffs I make $33.50 an hour. I'm pretty happy with that as it's comparable with other hospitals in my area.
  7. by   OHIO LPN
    I'm a LPN from the north eastern part of Ohio. I am the manager of OT/PT/SP therapies and also the restorative nurse here at a LTC .I also become the facility charge when the RN supervisor covers as the acting DON. I make $15.55 plus diff when I am the facility charge. Sometimes I don't think it's enough with all the inside and outside marketing also, but not working weekends, setting my own hours and being so close to work and working for a family owned business vs a corperate owned facility outweighs that. LPNs do not necessarily have to just pass meds, provide hands on care. Thanks for listening.
  8. by   fam82000
    Hi, I kinda take exception to the quote the RNs have taken the NCLEX and are licensed. Thats what the L in LVN stands for. We also have taken the NCLEX and passed. I work in Texas in L&D and my base pay is 14.97 with 1.00 hour market pay for a specialty area, I work 2nd shift with 1.75 hour shift diff, (nights is 2.25) and 3.00 hour weekend shift diff. So with all the shift diffs and market pay I make 20.72 on weekends and 17.72 during the week. I don't consider that bad at all when where I live LVNs make 10.50 an hour. I drive a ways to work of course but have full 100% benefits that only cost me 45 per paycheck for my whole family with 5 weeks vacation per year and I have been here going on 2 years. I'll have to be pried out with a crow bar. lol:chuckle
  9. by   legsmalone
    I have my BSN and as a new grad am making 21.55 an hour in C. California. The hospital I work at is unionized, and after my 90 probationary period, Ican join CNA and at my one year anniversary be bumped up to 24 and change an hour under our new contract. I am still a bit unsure about being unionized, it shold be interesting, but the pay increase looks really nice!
  10. by   RN-PA
    I work in a suburban hospital in southeastern PA, part-time Med/Surg, evening shift, 10 years experience, ASN degree, and make $26.57/hour. With the shift differential, it comes to $28.97/hour. We don't have a union, no more is paid for specialty certification or BSN, but there is a clinical ladder that enables you to make a little more. We don't have charge nurses and you aren't paid any extra to be a preceptor. We recently received $1.00 to $2.00/hr. raises to compete with area hospitals in recruitment.
  11. by   mssilly
    I know that in Long Island, graduate nurses are starting at about $55,000 in some places... which is nice, but the cost of living is high. What bothers me is that I work in the OR as a surgical tech right now for just over $20/hr.. I'm not going to be making much more as a nurse if you include overtime and call pay. I think nurses should get paid more. I see them in the OR everyday working their butts off (as well as techs) It's sad how some states pay nurses low salaries. I hope things change when I graduate...not for a few years (going part-time).. With the nursing shortage, something should be done.
  12. by   nekhismom
    I am considering a job in Tx as a new grad making $17.53/hr. It's the lowest salary I have been offered, but the cost of living is low, and the pay is expected to increase before i start due to a market adjustment. Good benefits, though not as good as some I have seen discussed here. I know in Northern VA, new grads are making around 20/hr with up to 6/hr shift diff for weekend nights. Duke in NC only pays about 19/hr and the conditions aren't the greatest. Wake Forest Baptist MEd. Ctr. in NC pays 17.50/hr. All of these are salaries for new grads.
  13. by   Momo
    Does anyone know what a LPN in Middle Georgia makes. I will be graduating and taking my state boards next year, hopefully October 2004. Also, how many times a year are the state board exams???