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  1. sometimes i am a bit slow. i dont really believe the evil that is in some people and although i keep getting screwed i still have that belief that justice prevails. but not in this case.
    i read all of your replies to my earlier post about what i should do regarding the things going on in my job. none of them hit me until last night when i was reading the legal part of this board.

    some of the things i have been accused of by my fellow staff and is now a part of my record will come back to haunt me so long as i stay at this hospital. it doesnt matter that they are not true. it doesnt matter that there are extenuating circumstances and it certainly doesnt matter that other nurses...experienced nurses...have done the same things and worse. these are things they can and most certainly will use against me if they are given the opportunity. so i am not going to do that. i worked too long and too hard for my license to let it come to that.
    i am searching for another job at a hospital not as large and with less acute patients. maybe i wont even go to a hospital. one of the biggest problems with this hospital is that we are getting so many patients that we dont know how to care for. we are begining to accept ob pts with medical problems (asthma diabetes) and i am not qualified to treat them. worse than that is that one of the major psyche hospitals is closing and we are getting all their "garbage" sorry to say it like that but they are. i am not a psyche nurse. i dont want to be a rehab nurse and i sure as hell dont want to be afraid of my patients.
    i am also going to acquire an attorney since i am sure this hospital will sue me for breach of contract. all these things that happen are their fault. i just need to document it. i know that i can prove the assignments i was given immediately out of orientation were too much for a new nurse, especially in comparison to the assignments of the other nurses.
    i can also prove harassment on the job by some of the staff.
    i dont want to do this but i will if pushed. there are also many other issues i will pursue if i have to.

    i will be very choosy about where i work next. i will not work at a facility where the ratio is 10:1 and no support staff.
    the other night i did 8:1 by myself. it was the night shift and the other nurses did pitch in (this unit is soooo much better in that sense) but it truly is unsafe for me to accept assignments like that. i have too much to lose.

    thanks so much for all of your advice. i am finally seeing what you mean and understanding the gravity of my situation.
    im not going to let the door hit me in the ass.
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  3. by   tonchitoRN
    You are truly an asset to the profession and your future employer. I have read many of your posts and despite all you have been through you still care. That is important. Do take care of yourself and your license. You worked so hard for it. Re: your contract. If it is for a bonus probably they will only ask for the money back. No big deal. Also, a while back I heard of a company who will check your references so you can check what these people will say about you before you apply for a job. Maybe someone out there has heard of it and point you in the right direction. Also remember the can only say certain things i.e. objective stuff. They are not supposed to get personal. If you feel they are bad mouthing you you can sue for slander. Ask your attorney. Probably it won't get to this but know your rights. Good luck.