Coming To America (with husband in tow)

  1. Greetings,

    Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get a work visa for my husband? I am from Canada, and I know that I can work in the United States under the NAFTA agreement. My husband has a Teaching Certificate and a degree in Computer Information Systems. When we move, it would be very benefitial if he could be permitted to legally work in the United States too. I have been told that some hospitals will help with the procurement of a work visa for a spouse. Is this true?

    Thank-you for your comments.

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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Marra, I don't know the answer, but

  4. by   renerian
    I don't know the response either but good luck and welcome!

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    no answers here, no specialist in immigration issues. I just want to say "welcome" and best wishes to you both.
  6. by   Sandbox Nurse
    did you write the nclex recently? I'm debating writing it or not-it sure would broaden the opportunities for me and my husband. He's currently only looking for work in states that will accept my Cdn license. But I've been out school so long and then specialized-what do I do?
  7. by   flower29
    what are you specialized in. where do you want to move to? maybe i can help. flower

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