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OK nurses. You're it. Name just one way you'd build a better hospital. The only rules are: expense is not an object and HIPAA and JCAHO have already given us carte blanche to all of it.... Read More

  1. by   edeverges
    Quote from talaxandra
    I really like the idea of having managers on the floor, to remind them a) what it's really like, and b) exactly how much time all that paperwork takes to complete. Time that, oh I don't know,could be spent caring for patients!
    I'd also like a tagging system, like anti-shoplifting devices, that could be attached to confused patients, so you can tell when they leave the floor.
    thanks i liked your reply, but there are devices available, i.e., alarms that can go off if a confused patient gets up, also wander guards that are a type of bracelet the wandering (alz/dementia) patient wears and when they get within a few feet of an exit, the exit locks. of course the alarm is expensive and can be overridden - it get me upset when i go into a facility and i find that the administrator has not been on the floor in a very long time. once they are on the unit they can immediately spot the types of problems that exit and at least address the most immediate issues.
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  2. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from zenman
    let me remind you that many managers have "been there, done that" and probably have not forgotten the reality that staff experience. in turn, the managers have a "reality" of their own that staff might need to experience to appreciate.
    true, yet it sometimes seems that they have forgotten. and i do agree with the reality of management... i think we all should take a walk in each others shoes...
  3. by   talaxandra
    Quote from edeverges
    there are devices available, i.e., alarms that can go off if a confused patient gets up
    Yeah, I know - and I would love to see them here!