CNA week?

  1. Any body know when CNA Appreciation Week is? I want to buy the CNA's I work with something nice for then, but I'm not sure exactly when or what to get them.
    If you have any ideas or advice on gift ideas, I'd appreciate that too...thanks!

    I work 7p-7a and have 3 VERY WONDERFUL ladies who work with me. I want to show them how much I appreciate them and all they do.

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   ga.bones
    I think it is just one day for the CNAs and it was last month. We gave them a pin that said something like "you are appreciated." They are included in Nurse's Week where I work and get all the same stuff we do.
  4. by   giggles66
    I would like to know can a nurses aid get a job on a provisional basis while waiting to get re-certified. I received my certification as a nurses aid the State of Connecticut back in 1984. I worked as a nurses aid for about a year, but then I went on disability. I have worked off and on as a nurses aid, but not an eight hour shift in the last 2 years as required in the state of CT. I am looking into becoming re-certifide as a nurses aid sometime in June 2003. I really need to find a job and I want to work as an nurses aid. Do you think that being a Pre-Nursing Major would help me to get a job as a nurses aid before I become recertified?

  5. by   Lynda005
    During Nurse's Week, all nurses received a backpack cooler with the hospital logo on them. One of the CNA's asked our manager if the CNA's were going to receive one. She told her in front of everyone. "You're not a nurse, you can't have one". Needless to say this did not set well with the CNA's .
    I felt bad, because they told me that they did not feel appreciated for their hard work. I can understand why they would feel this way. I hope administration does something for CNA's on their special day.
  6. by   GPatty
    I asked my DON about it a couple of nights ago, and she said that CNA week is in June.
    So I'll have plenty of time to get them something nice.
    Giggles? I really have no idea if and when you can become a CNA in CT. But I don' think becoming a nursing major will make it move any faster. I had to work as a CNA even after I graduated nursing school until I took my State Boards! They upped my pay, and gave me a new badge that said "Graduate Nurse" on it, but I still did my same old job....
  7. by   Fgr8Out
    National Nursing Assistants Week June 12-19, 2003

    Unfortunately, our hospital does little to honor those caregivers who form the foundation of any health care facility... the CNA. I decided to look for more information recently and found this site. I'm committed to forming a group within our facility to make this celebration an annual event.... Our CNAs deserve nothing less.
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