CNA unsure about furthering into the nursing field.

  1. I am currently a CNA and I work in a geriatric hospital. I do love spending time taking care of someone. I just hate how every facility I worked in, theres a group of CNAs/LVNs/RNs that try to find the smallest thing wrong (i.e 5 min past the 2hr mark for turning a patient, late to feed a total care because you're still feeding someone who is alert and unable to feed themselves, checking diapers before you get a chance to and put you down as a nurse for them being wet) I feel like my work load at all my facilities was rather large. They all met the nursing hours, but during the night shift I'll have 19 residents and 10-15 of them are total care or just incontinent.

    Is all level of nursing so tedious? What can I do besides being a bedside nurse? Are all your coworkers watching you waiting for you to make a small mistake?

    All thats going on with work and my coworkers and superiors and everything had caused me in the past to go on medical leave for a week due to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I'm worried with the further I do go into the nursing field, it'll get worse.
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  3. by   hope3456
    You might be able to find a better job as a nurse - one that you like and coworkers get along with One another - or you might not.

    RNs/LPNs deal with pretty toxic work environments as well - just read some of the other posts on AN. I'm sorry that you are having such extreme problems with anxiety - it could just be where you work is exceptionally bad or maybe nursing isn't a good fit for you. Changing jobs might be a good idea so you can find out.

    Another issue you might want to consider is that it can be very difficult for "new grad" RNs to find work, especially in the hospitals. It depends alot on your location.

    I don't hold it against any of the CNAs/DSPs I work with if they quit and find another career path, and those that are planning for nursing school I try to warn them.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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  4. by   nurseprnRN
    SOME RNs and LPNs may be "dealing" with the (so trendy a term!) "pretty toxic" environments. However, as the ongoing threads on loving your work (and not just your JOB) very amply illustrate, there is no basis for assuming that every nursing position is going to pose a serious threat to your mental and physical health. That's nonsense... and it isn't, well, hopeful.

    So there are jerks everywhere-- at the gas station, the grocery store, the architecture firm, the SNF. And your point would be...? Part of growing and maturing is learning to deal with people like this, and a very, very large part of that is to learn to let it roll off your back if it isn't functional. And it very rarely is.

    As to the question about what kind of nursing jobs are available that aren't bedside, suggest the OP check the yellow band at the top of this page and go to "Specialties." Spend a few days exploring, and then come back and tell us how your horizons have been expanded.
  5. by   hope3456
    Granted "there are jerks everywhere" and I had parents who constantly reminded me of that and always told me to "just ignore them" and"let it roll off your back" if ever I told them I had a problem with someone or something.

    I have done ALOT of this in nursing jobs but when it gets so bad that it is causing you "anxiety, depression and panic attacks" it is time to reassess your priorities.

    Nursing is not for everyone. A CNA job ( or nursing) is not worth risking your well being over.

    I often wish I had tried another line of work before nursing.
  6. by   Leahrose32
    I'm also debating on whether to continue into the nursing field. I've also been a CNA (although working in a different field at the moment). The more time passes since then, the less significant it seems, but I remember feeling similar when I was working full-time in a LTC/SNF. Specifically, I remember thinking I didn't want to pursue nursing because I didn't want to be responsible for all those rotten/lazy/catty, etc CNA's! I just posted the other day regarding my practical concerns about going into nursing (money, job market etc), but the things you mention have been in the back of my mind too. I also hated the staffing levels and knowing that it wasn't humanly possible to give every resident the BEST care they deserved. i know that added to the stress in my situation.

    For what it's worth, everyone I know personally who works as an RN/LPN seems to enjoy it, or at least not regret it. Keep us posted on what you choose, and best of's a hard decision!