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  1. Ok. To be honest. I am COMPLETLY frustrated (and I can't type) I am a CNA in a nursing home and I work MY BUTT OFF! So. I am trying like heck to find links for CNA's. But I Guess we don't count. Cuz I CANT find ANYTHIGN! Does anyone know of any links for CNA's??? It drives me nuts the little respect we get. I know we arent very high up there in status..but for all you nurses who work in a nursing home. (and lemme tell you know..i have TOTAL respect for ALL nurses! I hope to get my RN one day and I look up to RN's LPN's and all the others)...anyways. for all you Nurses who work in a nursing sure you realize how important CNA's are! So criminey. It's so frustrating. I cant find anything bout us. I was thinkin there have to be like an offical CNA website somewhere...maybe I'm wrong. Maybe were forever desitined to be the unseen, unheard of underdogs of the world ( WONDER im a CNA! Ive always been the unseen unheard underdog!)
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  3. by   sWolfie
    I have found many sites for CNA's, but none with message of yet. I am sure there is one out there somewhere.

    Maybe I will make that my new project and start a site for CNA's.

  4. by   P_RN

    You might want to look at this site. It has a lot of good stuff there.