CNA courses in No. California (East Bay Area)

  1. Hello,

    I'm a newbie in this great site!

    Does anyone know a good school in Northern California,
    (preferably east bay area) that offers CNA courses?

    I have no background in the medical field, should I go
    take Medical Assisting Courses first, or can I go directly
    to CNA courses?

    TIA for your help!
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  3. by   blkgurlwithwings
    did you ever find a cheap cna course in the east bay?
  4. by   caliotter3
    Never heard back from you so don't know if you found a good CNA course. But for others with the same question: sources of CNA courses: local community colleges, local adult education/job placement schools, local long term care facilities, local private schools, occasional private vendors (there was one advertising in the Palo Alto local paper), your local chapter of the Red Cross. Community colleges or local adult education/job placement schools are the best choices. Community colleges offer college credit that may be required for their nursing programs. Good luck to anyone looking for CNA courses.
  5. by   Rianna1
    Here's a link:
    The cheapest I've heard is Nightengale.
  6. by   magichospital
    Medical assistant is really different from CNA and it takes longer to do. Here are so great schools for CNA that I have found (I am in the east bay and face the same problem). These are the cheapest programs I have found and some facts about them.

    Nightinggale Nursing:
    Program cost:$825
    What does it include? Mostly everything execept a uniform and some other things.
    Place:San Leandro
    Evening classes? No

    Bay Area Nursing academy:
    Program cost:$875
    What does it include? Mostly everything except a uniform and some other things.
    Evening classes? No

    Castro Valley adult
    Program cost:$699
    What does it include? Mostly everything except a uniform and some other things.
    Place:Castro valley
    Evening classes? No

    Program cost:$1,200
    What does it include? Not a lot.
    Evening classes? No

    Cornerstone college:
    Program cost:$1,116.50
    What does it include? mostly everything except the uniform and some other things.
    Place:Livermore,Hayward, and some other places.
    Evening classes? Yes

    Hope this has helped you in your quest!
  7. by   cna2b
    Thanks for the list, MagicHospital.

    I want to add Northern California Nursing Academy.
    My classmates come from various areas of the Bay Area - East, South and North because NCNA is the most affordable and flexible to our schedule. Not to mention, the school have a high passing rate on the Certification Exam.