C'mon brag a little!!!!! - page 4

Every nurse has one area/specialty/floor that they think is the best and only place they would ever consider working. So brag a little about yours, what area do you work in, what do you love and... Read More

  1. by   thisnurse
    i LOVE med surg. i enjoy all of the different types of patients we get...its never the same. been seriously considering moving to ER ...i like the idea of stabalizing them and moving on to the next.
  2. by   alwaysthere
    love dementia/phsych as as an aide currently work skilled...want to do trauma/er when i graduate.
  3. by   illya
    like adrien i am in ltc, i have my certification in gerontology. i love my alzheimers people, brag? ok. i have developed a lnack with these people, i can redirect anyone, though sometimes pain meds and other meds are needed
  4. by   Debbielynn
    I am just starting LPN school this fall, but I think.....I wouldn't mind working with aids patients or the OR. Of course, ask me again when I graduate and have worked for a while, I know my preferences might be totally different.