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  1. by   dmwRNpa
    We had some first semester nursing students on my unit. I normally enjoy having the students there, I love to show them interesting things that they may not see. Well, one particular day, we had a group of green students, it was they're first real day on the unit, and their task was to bathe their patients. They were paired up to make it easier. Two students had one of my patients. I was running around trying to get my AM care done, and I noticed one of the students standing in the doorway of that room looking like a lost puppy. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she needed her instructor. I explained that I was willing to help. She explained to me that she didn't know what to do with this thing on her patients leg. I tried to figure out what this "thing" was, but I had to look for myself. It was a catheter strap. I had to chuckle. The student was afraid to touch it, she thought it was going to rip the foley out if she moved it a little to wash under it. I thought that was so cute.
  2. by   emz07
    just wanna ask some tips bout psychological examinations. is this in a way of an oral or a written? what are the common questions being asked? i am very nervous about my psychological exam in st lukes next week. i am a fresh graduate and i don't have any idea bout it (even what clothes to wear). thanks...
  3. by   rpbear
    One early morning at about 0630 as day shift was arriving, us nightshifters were talking around the desk. As any nightshifter knows you get a little punch drunk at this hour. Well, the story that was being told was very funny (I don't rememver the story, just the aftermath) as one nurse laughed hysterically she snorter, this caused a chain reaction on one nurse falling off of her rolling chair and another nurse who was sipping coffee to shoot HOT coffee out of her nose! One of my favorite moments as a nurse! We still laugh about it 2 years later.
  4. by   squeakykitty
    Quote from nservice
    I was working on a telemetry floor and we had a patient who was S/P penectomy and transferred to our floor with C/O chest pain. In report the off-going nurse said, "He hasn't complained of any chest pain". One of the male nurses said, "I guess not...the last time he complained they cut his d*** off! I spit coke across the table at that one.
    :roll :chuckle This is sooo funny!
  5. by   fivewestortho
    One event i remember from my early days of nursing is taking care of a 80 something female and doing hs care. she brushed her dentures and put them in clean water in the denture cup and proceded to remove her artificila eye and placed it in the cup with her teeth. I was so upset i told her i would get her another container with sterile water for the prothesis. She ju7st laughed and said" I always keep an eye on my teeth." Later i informed her physician what had happened and he assured me that if this was her routine and the water was clean and the teeh were clean let her do what ever she usually did. If it had not hut her by now it never would. Ha ! Ha!
  6. by   ann945n
    I wasnt here when this happend but was told about it the next day. I worked in a locked down alzheimers unit. You were able to walk in but not walk out without entering a code. Sometime when first time visitors would come they would let out residents who would ask nicely to hold the door open, we later fixed this problem with huge signs outside the door warning people not to let anyone out! Well this day we had a fairly new resident move in. All of our residents must me ambulatory and need only one person assist for all ADL's. It wasnt uncommon not to see a resident for an hour or so if they were in their room watching tv or something. About an hour goes by and some of the CNA's realize they havent seen our new resident in a while and start looking for him. After tearing apart our unit and the tearing apart the other 5 floors of the facility it is determined that he not only got out of the unit but the building! One of our best CNA's takes matters into his own hands and gets in his car and starts driving around downtown looking for him. Of course they called 911 and the family. Well the CNA comes back an hour later with the resident in tow. Asked him where he found him, he said outside of Nordstroms. Asked the pt what he was doing and he said he needed to some shopping at the mall. still makes me laugh to this day!!!
  7. by   ann945n
    Ohh ohh have another one! again in the same locked down unit we had this very sweet giant of a man ill call Bob. Bob made a fourtune in alaska with oil and spend most of his life in the woods. He would always tell us the craziest stories of life in alaska. Well Bob was quiet the escape artist. One time i found him in our locked and fenced in court yard stacking chairs up to the level of the fence attemping to climb out. Bob also figured out if you ramed the front locked door hard enough long enough it would pop open and off he would run! Well this one time working the night shift doing my 2 hourly saftey check i come to Bobs room and find him pacing the hall way in his tighty whities wearing a feathered women hat blowing a happy new year horn. I just lost it and headed him back to bed, too cute! Sadly one of Bob escape attempts finally did him in when he broke his back still miss that guy.