Clinical Pathway? Help!

  1. I'm sorry if this isn't exactly the right forum for this question, but it is work-related, and thus, hopefully, appropriate. I've created a clinical pathway using an org chart insert on Power Point, but I can't get the boxes to resize to fit the entire page! I've followed the instructions from the help box, and I do know how to resize boxes when creating Power Point presentations, but in the org chart, they stay the same size no matter what I do. I can't type more than a couple words into the boxes without the text size shrinking down to 2! Any ideas? Thanks!
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  3. by   augigi
    You should be able to drag them bigger.
  4. by   -Midget-
    Maybe try changing the orientation (landscape/portrait) of the slide. That would make the boxes wider.
  5. by   xptp29a
    If you used the Insert>Diagram>Organization Chart way, you can just click on the bottom right of the chart while you hold down shift and you'll be able to resize everything proportionally.


    Make sure the "Drawing" toolbar is visible. On the "Drawing" toolbar, choose "Select Objects" option (looks like a crooked mouse pointer). Now, starting at the very top left of the page while you're still on the white part of the page and not the gray, press your right mouse clicker and hold while dragging all the way down to the very bottom right of the page. Let go and all the items you made in the document should be selected. Next, on the "Drawing" toolbar, click on the "Draw" menu and up should pop some options. Select the top option, which is "Group." This will make all of your shapes into one object that you can change the size of. To make sure everything retains its perspective and doesn't become really wide or really long, hold down the shift key while you drag the bottom right area. Once you're done you can make everything its own object by going back to the "Draw" menu on the "Drawing" toolbar and selecting "Ungroup."

    Hope this makes sense!
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  6. by   mercyteapot
    You guys are very helpful! Thanks so much! As so often happens, as soon as I asked for help, I was able to figure it out. The first thing this morning I reopened it and tried again, and felt a toolbar that has an automatic layout option. Using that, I was able to resize the boxes. I am still having trouble figuring out when I want to use a subordinate via an assistant connector, but that will just take some time. Thanks so much for all your responses!