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Hi again!! I am wondering if any of the clinic nurses out there have a clinic policy on what to do with you patients who are late. I vented earlier on another thread, cuz I am having THE WORST day... Read More

  1. by   luvbug
    Hi, yes it is me, again.

    As nurses, we do get to help decide where to put patients in if the schedule is really full. We have somewhat of an administrative problem, though, in the fact that the receptionists like to schedule things on their own and try to explain later. Not ususally a cause for concern, but whe the issue does come up, it is always on one of the worst days, like when there's a full moon.
    It works out ok for the most part, but you still get the patients who are like "I have to come now or I'm calling the other clinic in town" Fun, fun, fun. Customer service, you know