Cleveland Clinic - Abu Dhabi

  1. Has anyone on here had the opportunity to travel to Abu Dhabi as a nurse for the Cleveland Clinic? I heard that they pretty much only hire internally for such opportunities but I am curious as to what the arrangement is. I am not a nurse for the Clinic yet but I will be in about half a year. If anyone knows of the details about it, I am very interested.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   russianbear
    I have worked for the Clinic. Will never again. Nobody mistreats nurses worse than the CCF.
  4. by   AuDDoc
    Ah Cleveland Clinic. Where you're expected to take a lower salary than the other hospitals in the area, be treated like crap, and all the while being gracious you work for the awesomeness that is the Cleveland Clinic.

    Go work in a different facility. You will find much nicer facilities in the same metro region with better pay and less BS.
  5. by   Coldsvt
    Id have way to much fun there....but i wanna go!
  6. by   Pharaiah
    I know of the Clinic's reputation with nurses. However, I have my own reasons for joining them. And although I appreciate your comments, I would have to say that they are utterly unrelated to the subject matter...
  7. by   russianbear
    Hey, if you wanted to be treated like a red-headed step child, torn apart as a nurse from day one, made the fall guy for all that is wrong, go ahead. That being said, VIP services is very difficult to get into.
  8. by   Pharaiah
    I know where you're coming from but your posts are really not answering my questions. Your negative experience with the Clinic doesn't necessarily mean I will have the same experience. Please keep it professional and don't project your negativity on me. Thank you.
  9. by   turnforthenurse
    What about contacting a CCF recruiter, telling them you are a student and inquire about the Abu Dhabi hospital?
  10. by   BittyBabyGrower
    All hospitals have BS, and CCF isn't the lowest paying.

    Anyway, call recruiting and see what they have to say.
  11. by   Pharaiah
    I will do that very soon but I just wanted to see if anyone has personally done it! The recruiter will most likely be vague with me but I want to also hear from someone who has actually done it.