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  1. Hi,
    I'm trying desperately to find info on Cleft Lip & Palate. I'm looking for anyone who has info on post operative nutrition relating to clefts. I was born with a cleft myself but I was fairly young when I had most of my operations. Also, I'm looking for the info for one of my course assignments.
    ALSO I'm looking for anyone who would be able to talk about or send me something about a story regarding support. The other paper I'm writing is for my Development course and I've chosen to talk about the benefits of knowing someone who has the same condition. For example, when I was 14 I met a girl who has a cleft like me and we've made a world of a difference to each other. However, I'm finding it hard to find other examples of similar situations...
    If anyone could help me it would really be amazing!
    ps I also posted this in the off-topic discussion spot....
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  3. by   fedupnurse
    I have a nephew who is 2 years old now who has cleft lip and palate. He had the lip repair at around 5 months of age and the initial palate repair at about 9 or 100 months of age. He is to have at least one more which would be a bone graft to the palate at age 4 or 5. He used a plastic "appliance" from birth to the palate repair and it greatly reduce feeding problems and also helped keep the cleft not only small but actually made it smaller as he grew. He had his surgery at Children's in Philly. I believe you might be able to get some information from them or Children's National Medical Center in D.C. You may also want to check the search engine and type in cleft lip or palate and you should find info there. My sister was hooked up with other moms of babies with clefts thru her OB and she is now a resource to new moms thru this same doc so she can help others in the same boat. My nephew is absolutely adorable and is a very happy go lucky little kid. Good luck!
  4. by   micro
    search on internet cleft palate.......

    local plastic surgeon office/pediatricians would have information and support group information.........

    what a difference you make when you bring your own understanding into a situation.........

    all my "cyber" support,
  5. by   nurs4kids
    If your interested, I think I've got some info from an inservice I attended a few months ago..i'll snail it to you. PM me if you're interested. Also, here's a website linked from the hospital's plastic surgery dept.