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I am busy doing my studies on Alzheimer's and other dementia. I have been told about a year, year-and-a-half ago that it has recently been shown that chronic depression can permanently affect the... Read More

  1. by   passing thru
    What that means is take your lipitor, watch your f atty food intake, keep your weight down, exercise--and take your aspirin a day and your lipitor.

    And, as you age, hope you don't have to choose between medicine and food, that's depressing.

    And, hope some hot-shot friends of the prez haven't looted
    your retirement account.

    And, hope your IRA isn't 50 % of what is was when you retired
    at 62 & now you are 68.

    Any other concerns that contribute to elderly depression?
  2. by   luv-my-dal
    For those interested, I have had a response to my inquiry from The conclusion from the MIRAGE study was that depressive s/s prior to to the onset of AD are associated with the development of AD.