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I got a call to go see one of my HH patients, who I am very familar with, because the family reported that her/his 02 sats were hanging in the 70's all day and even though she/he was not SOB they... Read More

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    It never ceases to amaze me that so many medical people (nurses,emt's,etc.) are oblivious to the fact that you cannot turn the O2 up on a COPD patient. I would have told the emt's to get out of the patient's room and don't touch his O2, or anything else for that matter. I would tell them I'm not comfortable letting you take my patient. Then I would have reported the emt to his/her employer, and whatever board governs them.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many nurses are oblivious to the fact that less than 5 percent (some studies put it at about 0.5%) of patients with COPD are actually on hypoxic drive.

    Is it better to kill off brain cells through hypoxia?
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    We're both shocked at the level of misunderstanding regarding COPD and hypoxic drive, but we're shocked on opposite ends of the argument. The hypoxic drive theory has been progressively taking a well-documented beating in the literature over at least the last ten years. We know it doesn't affect very many COPD pts. When it does, it generally takes hours - far longer than the typical EMS transport. See the 'Prehospital Care' section of the link below for one example of a well-reasoned argument in favor of not withholding O2.
    Dear Eric, thank you so much for the article. It was a real eye-opener and I have now seen that all is not black and white. :blushkiss
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    just registered to say that this has been one of the most interesting medical discussions i've ever read. i actually read every post, took a couple hours.

    i'm also very impressed at how reasonable and civil everyone has been throughout the discussion (with the exception of the "no means no" people-- wrong, there are exceptions). i'm glad i found this forum. while not a nurse, i'm a emt working towards paramedic and there's definitely a lot of knowledge to pick up here.
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    Thank You Stunt and welcome to All Nurses! We usually can have a fairly civil discussion. Sometimes, me included, some of us get really fired up, but all in all this is a wonderful place to learn!