Choosing between jobs, this new grad needs help!

  1. Hey guys, new grad here! Just finished in May and now I'm searchin' for some work advice!
    I've been offered two jobs. So this is the situation:

    JOB A: Offering an 18 week nurse residency/orientation for a float telemetry position. It's close to home and offering me $32/hr. Night DIF is $2 and nights+weekend DIF is $4. I've been working at this hospital as a tech. The nurses are nice, but as float I'd be moving around and wouldn't have that solid team of nurses to work with, every shift. It's about a 10 minute drive in the suburbs. The staff is great, but the idea of float telemetry isn't as appealing to me and I've always wanted to start out in the ER. PLUS I'd be working 5 nights+8 hours.

    JOB B: Offering a 12 week orientation for an ER position. As I said, I've always wanted to work in the ER and I was super happy to be offered this job. Unfortunately the pay difference is about $27/hr. Night DIF is $4 and nights+weekends is $8. It's about a 30 minute commute to the city, but I feel like I'd get to see and learn more from the city vs. the suburbs. Hours would be 3 nights+12 hours. The nurses were very welcoming and I felt like I belonged there!!!

    I guess, my biggest concern here you think the pay difference is worth to take job A, even if job B is what I've always wanted to start with? Should I stick with job A and hope to move out of my unit and into the ER, after a year or so of experience? Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!! My parents have already voiced theirs and stated "the more money the better", but there's still a huge part of me wanting to pursue the ER position because it'll be something I love, with a welcoming team of coworkers to really get to know and work with compared to float tele.
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
    $$$ does not always make 1 happy....And I rather work the 3-12's then 5 '8's!! I now work Mon to fri..8-5 and rather have the 3-12's.....if ER is where ur heart is and the staff are great...go for it
  4. by   RotorRunner
    I think you already know what job you want to take. I'll tell you, I opted for a lower paying job as a new grad because it was a specialty I wanted (ER).

    Do what you want. It's not all about money. You have to consider the schedule, work life balance, and what your goals are long term.
  5. by   Flames9_RN
    i just started working mon to fri 8-5.....thought it was going to be sweet.....wrong.....i prefer the 3-12 hr shifts as 1 has weekdays off as well....try getting an applaince repar person on a weekend...very hard to get....that goes for any type of nice to have some week days off.....As well I prefer to get to know 1 floor/area very well....hate to float......
  6. by   purplegal
    If you have been offered a job in the specialty you desire, and you feel like you "belong there," that is probably the job you should take, even if it doesn't pay as well. Remember, if you stay long enough, you will eventually get raises and your pay will increase. It also appears that you get good night and weekend differential. If you are not sure about float telemetry, I would say avoid it, since that is a tough job and you really need to enjoy it in order to do well.
  7. by   Here.I.Stand
    I would take the ED job. I don't think float positions are good for new grads, for the reason you stated.
    Plus it will be harder to become proficient, since you have so many different units and specialties with less orientation on each. At the same time, as a float you are expected to be proficient.

    As for the money, I used to make $44/hr working in an LTACH. It wasn't worrh it! I used to get nauseated the night before, it was so hard. Once I even cried when my husband hugged me goodbye, I was so stressed. My non-nurse husband's bonuses are more than I make in a year...It's definitely nice, but if our roles were reversed there's no way in hades I would work his job. In your case, you're talking what, a $3/hr difference? I definitely think your dream job is a better perk than $3/hr
  8. by   Kitkat222
    Thank you for your input! It helped me think a little clearer. I decided I'm going to take the ER position instead. I'm really excited about it. After this experience, it also made me realize I wasn't excited about job A...instead I was kinda dreading it...just the pay was nice. At this point, I'll be able to make up for the money if I really need it, but at least I'll be happy pursuing what I wanted rather than wondering 'what if?'