childs heartbeat....

  1. Hi, I took my 7 yr. old to the dr. today for what I thought was an irregular heartbeat but he said it was normal!! It will beat normal then get faster and then skip a beat. It really concerned me. Is this probably nothing to worry about?
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  3. by   Darchild77
    This is usually normal in pediatrics, their heart will spead up and skip a beat in relation to their respirations. This goes away when they get older. If you are truly concerned, seek a second opinion.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Lots of variability in children's vital signs.
  5. by   sharann
    The "extra" or irregular beat could actually be an S-3 heart sound which is a normal variant in children and youth (but not in a 40 year old with shortness of breath). Also, I recall that they can have a sinus arrythmia that coincides with respiration?
  6. by   suzanne4
    Children normally have sinus arrythmias, some are just a little more irregular at times. If you just happened to notice it because you had your hand on your child's chest, I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. by   RN 2005
    I remember snuggling with my 3 year old son a few years ago and being scared to death when I had my head resting on his chest. I heard the exact same thing! We took him in to the Doctor and she said it was completely normal. I am still glad we had him checked - you never know, and I would have felt terrible if it had been something serious that I dismissed.