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  1. Hello to all! Well, I am back to school. I spent the entire first day in computer training class. Both hospitals that I will doing my clinical rotations are "live"...No more paper charts at all.
    I was wandering how many of you are also live? I was a bit lost during the session, but it seems OK. I think that it is going to slow me down a lot at first, but at least I will be able to read the doctors orders.
    Is this better or worse than the traditional paper charting? Just wandering what all of you think??


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  3. by   st4304
    We have had computer charting for 2 years. It has its pros and cons. We recently starting charting by exception and it has drastically cut our charting time! We recently added bar coding with our medication administration.

    I like it, but I like computers. A few of my co-workers still struggle with it even after two years.

    Good luck!

    Your pal,

  4. by   Qwiigley
    We have been live for years and years. Childrens Hospital LosAngeles; I LOVE IT, would never go back to written. It would make the difference when applying for a new job, I like it so much.
  5. by   boggle
    Can anyone tell me which computer charting system you use? We have been using a Meditech system- don't like it much at all. It's too hard to look at your previous notes when you go back in to add more information. Charting assessments is a breeze though.

    Of course the bigger issue is not having access to the computer to chart near the patient's room. Used to be able to chart at the bedside. Now you leave the bedside and make your way back to the nurses station with every intention to chart, but on the way you get you end up leaving all your charting till "later"
    ......And there's always the problem of not enough terminals to go around.

    Any of you use a system that is "real nurse" friendly??
  6. by   DelGR
    Since 1988, we have had 1/2 paper flow sheets and 1/2 typed notes. Then we got the HP-Carevue system in our ICU. We really liked that. Since that was only a unit based system and not hospital wide we now have to do a short narrative note in the computer for others to view.So dual charting. The facility doesn't want to pay the price to get an ICU packet that will integrate into the hospital wide system.

    Doctor's orders and Medications all on computer. Labs on computer. Bar Code Medications/MARs on computer. I like it for being able to see everything very clear.
    I try to read hand written notes from community hospitals for transfer in patients. What a disaster! How could anyone now days justify such horrible records of what transpired while the patient was at that hospital. I think that hand written orders and notes should be outlawed. JCAHO should give any facility a Type I just because you couldn't possibly read what transpired without the writer being present to decipher their poor hand writing.
  7. by   Gator,SN
    Thank you all for responding, I appreciate it!