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  1. I work in staff development and we are looking at meeting the needs of ours nurses. We need to develop a charge nurse program does anyone have a program they already use that they can recommend or where i may going looking for a program?
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    Moved to General nursing Forum so more may see and reply. Good luck.
  5. by   barbengram

    Call Experts Unlimited Consulting. They have a complete charge nurse training program that is available for purchase for ony $195.00. It includes everything. It even provides the documentation you would need to get the course approved for continuing education credit.

    Their phone number is 301-305-1888.

    Good Luck on your course!
  6. by   nrsang97
    Reality based management has a seminar that they do. It is one day long. The cost is $169 per person the 4th person is free. I haven't been in a long time. I did get their flyer in the mail. They will do on site seminar as well. Cost is more. It is also like 6 or 7 CEU's.
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  7. by   SixFive
    if you want a nuts and bolts idea of what your current charge nurses do, have them write it down and compile it into a Charge Nurse Resource Book or whatever you want to title it. I helped do that recently at my hospital, and no course given by staff development (who don't work on the floor) will be sufficient or even scratch the surface.