1. Finally had a few moments to catch up on the reading...

    Anybody else read October's issue of AJN ? Did you read the Reflections column? It is entitled "CHAOS" and the writer reflects on a horribly busy day at work.....
    Did anyone else recognize this story as a NORMAL day on their floor?????
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  3. by   DennyRN
    YES, wasn't this article the story of my life!!!!

    Someone posted this up at work, wrote on the top of it
    " A typical day on 2South"

    If only the NM read it.......
  4. by   nimbex
    This last night resembles that comment.... day shift started with 1 less nurse and no secretary.... If the article is still buzzing around work... I think it will be served to the manager for breakfast or worse !.

    6 vents 2 more unstable non vented patients, the last two going for cardiac cath, one with HR in 20's... 4 nurses.....

    The article made me want to reach out and hug all nurses as I was reading it in the bathroom for the umteenth time , eating my hospital crackers trying to pee out 2000cc in record time as my vent was alarming!

    AND.... I forgot my rollerskates.... AGAIN!
  5. by   oramar
    If you keep telling me stories about how AJN is catching up to the real world I just might subscribe. Long time ago I had a subscription and it seemed very dry and academic and out of touch.