Changing Shifts

  1. How long do you think is an appropriate period I need to wait prior to approaching management about getting a different shift. I have been working at my current job for 4 months and love where I am. The only problem is I want to go back to school full time and cannot do so with my current schedule. I have been really good about working any OT that has been asked of me as well as volunteer often. I know this will not go over well with managment and more then likey will put me on a whole different unit which will upset my CNM (and I really like her too ) but going back to school is REALLY important to me. How long should I wait before I start making requests ???
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    It never hurts to ask I think. If they say no, are you okay staying on your current shift?
  4. by   cherrybreeze
    Every facility is obviously different, in the hospital I work in, changing shifts wouldn't be feasible unless there actually was a position open on another shift. As much as they might WANT to accomodate you, it might not work. It can't hurt to ask though at least.
  5. by   SweetLemon
    I think if they say no I will forgo classes in the fall and apply the following spring. If they still cannot accomodate me then I may start looking for a different job but that is quite a ways off and I don't forsee them being that difficult. I am just trying to be careful now as I am still relatively new in my postion and the "probation" period within my facility is 12 months :uhoh21: