Changing from home health to hospital rehab nursing

  1. I am an LPN and have been in home health for about 12 yrs - just got fed up with all the office politics and have changed over to a brand new hospital in the rehab unit. Any advice or info from those of you with more experience will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   PooterPT
    Rehab nursing can be very challenging. While it is very different from Home Care, it adds new depth and dimension to you base of knowledge. It does have its frustration. Sometimes it seems as if nursing is at the bottom of the food chain and therapy at the top. However, it is such a blessing to see the rehab process in action.
  4. by   annmariern
    Hi, am an Rn who made the move too from home health. I loved it, learned a lot; great and positive experience to work with rehab pts; Motivated on the whole. I saw nursing in a whole new light; were really not doing any favors by enabling dependent behavior; I moved on to med surg and find, yeah, its easier to give a bedpan to your knee replacement 3 days post op, but taking the time to actually get em up and moving, well in the end saves you time, makes them stronger and home faster. good luck
  5. by   mel1977
    I have been in rehab nursing since 1998 and love it. My mom has been with the facility I am with now for 25 years, if that tells you anything. You get out of rehab what you put in-it is hard and can be very demanding physically, but man, so worth it! ( I am a new LPN, but had been a tech and unit secretary)