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How many of you have a change of shift admission for M/S patients from the ER and what criteria is there, if any? Ex. no admisions 15 minutes prior to end of shift nor during report.... Read More

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    I've had several times when surgery was coming to an end at 6:30pm and I try to call report. PACU will take report but there's no coming to PACU until about 7:45pm, don't even ask because they'll eat you alive. Seems like an extremely poor use of OR time at about 57.00 per minute for us all to sit there recovering the patient and there's another patient in the holding room who has been NPO since 10pm the previous night waiting to go who has already been bumped twice during the day to do emergency surgeries. I do understand the problem, but it seems like management should work it out somehow, there is where the problem is. I so respect our PACU nurses, but they are a very mean bunch, even a lot of docs are afraid to cross them. The unspoken rule in the OR is to stitch fast at the end of the day or you could end up waiting a long time to get into PACU if you're near change of shift. The poor PACU nurses also get the patient's waiting to go to ICU so the boarder's drive them nuts too. In the meantime the docs are at the desk wanting to schedule more emergency surgeries for the night. What does it take to close the doors and divert? Some nights they just hammer us. So from ER, to OR, to PACU, to ICU or floor, its' just a never ending battle.
    This is funny Lori, our surgical RN's are the mean ones in my hospital(ha ha). Well, they are, but a couple of my co-workers are bitc*es and I readily agree(but not to them of course). I have never had a problem with even the O.R folks because I refuse to play the nasty game, and they respect me for it. Our PACU runs on a call system after 5pm, so there is no change of shift(the one who works the latest shift usually takes 1st call and so on). I am sorry that the peroperative concept hasn't caught on most places(including ours).