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I had a patient yesterday, a sweet LOL had gotten back from pacemaker, doing fine, but elevated BP systolic in 190s. She had come from a smaller facility with bradycardia and had gone straight to... Read More

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    ok...i know the state expects you to monitor the effects of the medication you administer...but cant stay 24-7. what about the insulin you gave at 6 pm. it doesnt take effect for another hour or two...should you stay? .
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    yes we need to assess the effects of meds we give but the term "we" means which ever nurse is assigned to the patient. if you give a po pain med 30 minutes before your shift ends you aren't going to stick around to see if pain relieved, the next nurse has the duty to do that.


    i love it when people respond but dont' read all the posts. why do you do that?

    the op clearly had enough time to do this. and she did it! what do you know!

    if you have the time to page the dr, then you have the time to talk to them. if you don't have the time, then pass it off to the next nurse. she can page when she's ready.

    i dont' need anybody to tell me that nursing is 24/7. i am a nurse, i know that. please, use some common sense.

    if you have the time to do the right thing, then do it. if you don't have the time, or you want to be as lazy as the oncoming nurse in the op then be the lazy nurse.

    it took the op 5 minutes. whoopty freakin do.