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  1. by   prmenrs
    Quote from Jacquie RN
    Another funny thing about working on a cardiac unit is the domino effect that you get with chest pain. No sooner have you got one nitro'ed and morph'ed, you get another and another. Usually happens as night shift is coming on. We figured out that it was the lasagna that they had had for supper that was causing indigestion and/or cardiac symptoms. So if they have any kind of pasta for supper, we are guarenteed a busy night! Always a lot of fun!

    Make dayshift call dietary w/this observation! No more pasta for your pts! (Might be the garlic?)

    No fair for one dept to make work for another part!
  2. by   USA987
    I'm on the opposite extreme.

    Work in L&D...had a 31 weeker who ruptured 2 days prior. Mom and baby were doing great...not really contracting all day. Just giving antibiotics, etc. Was 1-2 cms the day before. My other patient was very needy so I really hadn't done a lot with the pre-termer (she really wasn't contracting much all day). Of course she decides to bust loose...contractions kick in at 2:30p.m...and she decides to deliver at 3:27p.m...3 minutes before I'm SUPPOSE to walk out the door.

    UGG! I guess that's what I get. Both of my girls were change of shift deliveries.
  3. by   prmenrs
    At the hospital attached to my SON (or maybe it was the other way around), on some floors where there were a lot of elderly pts, the aides used to go around @ 4:30 am, and shake them [gently, I assume] just to stimulate them enough that they wouldn't die right in the middle of the 5:30-7:00am rush--bowel preps for X-Ray, pre-ops, I & O's and what have you. It sounds crass now, but if someone died in the middle of all that, everything else scheduled for day shift would be late. And, it was in the pre-code days, so that wasn't an issue either. I thought it was kinda funny @ the time.
  4. by   flashpoint
    Well...just a few days ago...0400 - 18 year old male comes in by EMS...drunk, broken nose, head lac, fractured left violent and out of control he ended up in 4-point leathers...he was a spitter has been ages since I went home with so many body fluids all over my scrubs...discharged to the county jail at 0700...and then 0715 - watching the telemetrys roll across the scene when one of the patients goes into assystole...first time I have ever seen precordial thump work...scared the charge nurse to death when I went flying into the room...scared the new LPN to death when she saw me smack his chest...made the doctor laugh because precordial thump is "so outdated." I was there until after 1000 finishing paperwork and helping the day ER nurse clean all of the blood and spit off the floor...