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I know It is a weird question. Since I am wating for one I was wondering if anybody can discribe how it looks? Doest it have your name on it? An expiration date? The date of graduation from your... Read More

  1. by   RGN
    Thanks a lot, Suzanne! Is a Green Card essential to work here as a nurse? I thought there was a new H1C visa specially for foreign nurses...could be wrong though! I have also heard that the sponsoring hospital would expect you to commit for at least two years if they organise a Green Card for you, which could be quite restrictive in terms of moving around the country. I would prefer less ties and obligations, if possible. Also, do you know anything about the 'temporary visa' which I've heard can be used while you're waiting for exam results (I think)!

    Thanks again!
  2. by   suzanne4
    First, you are not committed to a hospital if you pay for the fees for the green card. If the hospital pays all of the costs, then yes you would be obliged to sign a contract.

    If you do the work and just have the hospital submit the petition, then you pay and you win. I actually prefer this model.

    There is no new H1-C for foreign nurses. There is an H1-B, but it is full for 2004, and they do not believe that it will open for nurses in 2005. The requirements for that visa are the same as for the green card.

    The temporary visa that you are talking about for students, is not for wiaitng for exam results, but specifically gives the student one year to work to get training in the area in which they got their degree. It is used for the time while you are getting petitioned for a green card, or you have to leave the US after the one year. You have to have a hospital sponsor you for this also.
    If you look under, you can find out what the number is.
    You will also need the form that says for a change in status.

    Hope that this helps. Let me know if you need any other info.....
  3. by   RGN
    Suzanne, many thanks for your insight. It is a difficult process but it certainly does help to hear from you and I really appreciate the time you have taken to answer some of my questions. I am sure I will have more questions for you and would definitely appreciate your advice!!

    Thanks again!
  4. by   NYrnTX
    Quote from suzanne4
    Not sure what to tell you at this point. Personally I adivse everyone to go for initial licnesure in NY, then just endorse over to whatever state that they want. There are only a couple where this is not possible, examples Michigan and Illinois. Almost all others just want a credentials verification done, and not the exam.

    Good luck..............
    Hello Suzanne,

    You are a great help for foreign nurses. Thanks again.
    BTW, Do you know why IL, Michigan do not endorse license from NY. Also, I would appreciate if you can shed some light on the endorsement process for TX. Their website link points you to NURSYS which I think is only good for 'Compact' states.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Illinois and Michigan require CGFNS exam. You can endorse to Illinois if you have actually worked two years in the US as an RN.

    You just need to follow the instructions on the Texas website for endorsement. If your state isn't listed, you need to use the other address that is there.