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All this talk about Diploma, ASN or BSN... does passing boards make one competent... this an that. What about the push to make CEU's mandatory. I applaud that states that do, but what about the... Read More

  1. by   donmurray
    Ceu's are a national requirement for re-registration in the UK. If nothing else, it gives the nurse a lever to get a less enlightened manager to release you for updating yourself. Many did not, but the possibility of "losing" a RN concentrates the mind.
  2. by   RoaminHankRN
    "In citing his reasons for seeking the opt-out, Johanns said in the news release that "patients' health is protected because CRNAs have the education and training that enable them to provide quality services." CRNAs are critical care nurses with a graduate degree in anesthesia. They must pass a national certification examination to become a CRNA, and must complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years to continue practicing as a CRNA."


    For those of you that think CE's should not be mandatory...This article talks about CRNA's being able to practice independently. A quote from the article shows how many hours they must complete in order to practice.

    And if you feel that just because they are CRNA, a specialty, deal with life or death in anesthesia.. it does not apply to me as a Peds, OB, Floor, ER, Pysch or what ever you do.. what does that thinking say about you as a RN?

    So if a CRNA has to have mandatory CE to practice what makes the rest of us immune?