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  1. Hello, I anticipate on working as a CNA. However, I've heard it maybe complicated to find work without experience. So, I just wanted to know if there were any nursing homes in Charlotte, NC that frequently hire CNA's without experience?
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  3. by   FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    So are you a certified registered nurse or a CNA, you post and heading are a little confusing because of the two different titles. If you are a CNA I would check into nursing homes because they tend to hire people with little to no experience and then get your experience and move on to a hospital setting if you want.
  4. by   KelRN215
    I'm not really clear on what you're asking because a CNA and a "certified Registered Nurse" are two very different things. A CNA is a certified nurse's aide. A certified Registered Nurse would be an RN who's taken some kind of national certification exam for his/her specialty (like CCRN, CPN, CNOR, etc.).

    If you are a CNA and looking to find work, yes you should be able to find work in a nursing home with little to no experience.