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How many of you work in a hospital that requires you to use one of their cell phones in case another employee needs to reach you while away from the nurses' station? What's your opinion of them... Read More

  1. by   rollingstone
    The hospital I'm working at now has "cell" phones that all of nurses carry. I like them and I'm not tied to a desk waiting for a physician to call me back.
  2. by   SharkLPN
    We have the cordless phones at my hospital, but usually only day shift uses them, and not nocs. It is nice to not have the unit secretary screaming, "WHO PAGED HOUSE?!?!" down the hallway at 10:30 pm when I'd just spent an hour getting my lols to sleep, but sadly we hardly use them on our shift.
  3. by   RN_Amy
    Where I used to work we had a cordless phone system which worked really well when working on the ward...

    It was a whole lot easier in terms of paging doctors directly back to your phone thereby not having to walk the entire length of the floor for to take a call...

    We also had a computer program that allowed the nurse in charge of the shift to program certain rooms and beds to certain nurses' phones at the start of the shift.... so that patients' call buzzers could also come through to the phone as text message....

    Also if an emergency button was pressed... all nurses on the floor would get a message... which meant a whole lot of people normally came a-running!

    Working in PACU, we could use this program to ascertain the nurses assigned to take each patient and call them directly... which made my day a whole lot easier!

    Sorry so long... just haven't seen this system anywhere else...