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  1. You know those CE courses that they offer online? Do alot of you gals/guys use them? Where I work, we have to have 40 CE hours/year. Since I work the graveyard shift we hardly ever get any inservices for CE credits, and when we do, we're usually short staffed and that lowers our chances of going even more. Guess I'll do all of the free ones I can find relevant to geriatrics/LTC. Then start paying for the rest...So far, I have two done. 38 more hours to go...I have until Oct/2002. 4/month? ok...
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  3. by   tonchitoRN
    Hi, I do all my CEU's at www.nursingspectrum.com. They offer one free one every month. So I always take advantage of those. When it is time for license renewal I usually end up paying for two or three more. They cost $8 per contact hour if you choose to pay.
  4. by   tcolleen
    I have used


    in the past, and I liked their courses. They charge $29.99 for an unlimited number of hours for a year. If you get on their email list, sometimes they will offer free 1 or 2 hour courses. It was very convenient when I was working nocs. Now I am working where we have so many required courses that I am usually able to get the number of hours I need. Occasionally medceu offers one that is just interesting, so I go ahead and do it just for fun!

    Hope it helps.