cavernous hemangioma in the brainstem

  1. Does anyone have any information about a cavernous hemangioma when it is located w/in the brainstem?? A good friend was admitted to the hospital w/this last night, and I'm concerned for her. She is 32, has MS. and is in shock over this.(of course).

    I am an LPN student who is only in my first quarter, and know very little about this subject.

    Any info would be appreciated !!

    THanks guys !!

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Had to do a little digging to make sure of info you needed as not my specialty. Hope this helps. Karen

    HEMANGIOMA - A hemangioma, or arteriovenous malformation is a tangle of abnormal vessels that forms an abnormal communication between the arterial and venous systems. Most are developmental (congenital). If large enough, they may produce a shunt of sufficient magnitude to raise the cardiac output. AVM's may occur in the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord, where they may cause headaches, seizures, or bleeding (subarachnoid hemorrhage).

    Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors
    ... I had was actually a Benign Cavernous Hemangioma MEANING it was just a clump of ... this final Doctor could take out my brainstem lesion,which he did,after it had ...

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