Causes Of Increased Intracranial Pressure?

  1. Ok, experts! Please, help out once again.
    What could be the cause of increased intracranial pressure, besides recent severe heard trauma and tumors?
    Also, can a person have low BP, but elevated intracranial ?
    thanks for any info.
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  3. by   Huganurse
    In children I see hydrocephalis. The IVPshunt drains the excess CSF and maintains ICP. A malfunctioning shunt will cause an increased ICP and leads to death in many cases. I have cared for adults with IVP shunts too. And yes, a person can have a low BP and an elevated ICP at the same time although the diastolic usually goes up and the s/d ratio decreases.
  4. by   bestblondRN
    Infection and inflammation are other possible causes of increased ICP as well.
  5. by   lgcv
    hypoxic encephalopathy is another.
  6. by   Jen911
    Benign Intracranial Hypertension is another, also known as Pseudotumor... Symptoms can mimic a brain tumor, can lead to blindness as there is pressure on the optic nerve if not treated properly. Can cause SEVERE headaches and a multitude of other symptoms. (Trust me, I know, I have it!). Email me if you want links, I have plenty. Oh, and my blood pressure has always been normal.