Caught something yucky at work - page 2

NOT asking for any medical advice here, I already have been to my doctor and derm, just asking for Personal experinces here. I caught scabies from a nursing home patient from the OR and I am the... Read More

  1. by   sphinx
    Glad you're doing better. You didn't say your condition and med you take, but I know in my case-I take methotrexate and enbrel for RA-and my doc has me stop them if I get any infection whatsoever. (until the condition clears up) Not sure if that is anything like your case, however! Sorry to hear you're allergic to your down comforter! Those are so cozy! Bummer!
  2. by   sam56
    During my first clinical rotation in school, I got the pleasure of bathing an unfortuate psych pt who had been living on the streets. Needless to say, I got lice and scabies. I can remember the embarrassment at age 18 of going to employee health with"bugs". It took 2 different meds to clearup. My skin itched and was irritated for a couple weeks. On another note, I am happy to hear there are other immunocompromised nurses working in the hospital. I was recently diagnosed with Scleroderma and take Cellcept. anyway, my rheumatologist says I should never work in "acute care" again. Thanks.
  3. by   nicolel1182
    I'm pretty sure you will be itching for a while since those little buggers got down deep into your skin, you will have to wait until all that skin dies and falls off...
    that must be awful, I cant imagine they couldn't dx you right away and you had to take that pill!!
    please get some of that lotion that is for itching, that will help! so sorry you had to go thru that
  4. by   ro'naeirann
    Dear Sharran, i believe i am in same boat though have only had this for 3 weeks i am completely freaked and grossed out . the dumb dermatologist said i seemed very stressed out by this ! well duh - at moment i too am the only lucky recipient of this gift on my unit . just wanted you to know you are not alone - signed itchy & scratchy