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This was the diagnosis they just gave my grandson! Finally found it listed under the 'rare diseases' category of the site I was searching. They said about 9 out of 100,000 will be infected - and... Read More

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    My daughter was diagnosed with cat scratch fever after being scratched on the leg by a cat. It was on a Saturday so we went to the urgent care (she was unable to walk and had a rash all over both her legs). On monday we followed up with her PCP and she diagnosed her with Henoch Schonlin Purpura. It has been over a year and we are still seeing a nephrologist for hematuria/proteinuria, they even tested her for Lupus. Anytime she gets a strep infection she gets a recurrence of the purpura and abdominal pain. I had never heard of cat scratch fever before that, except for a song. I guess it is more common than I thought. I hope your grandson is doing well.
    Jilaweez - your poor baby girl!! I'm so sorry. If you don't mind, I'd like to say a little prayer for her and hope things get better.
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    Hi...I am new here but have been following this board since deciding to become an LPN about 6 months ago. Although I am not officially a nurse and my class does not start until January, I would like to make a comment. It is very possible to contract Cat Scratch Fever through other means. My son went to a water park and fell and hit his head which caused him to pick up staph and numerous infections because the water was under- chlorinated. The Dr. told us that is was a result of all the other infections which brought the Cat Scratch Fever out. Anyone ever heard of this? He had a heart catheter for 6 months for Rocephen and we came very close to loosing him.

    By the way, what a wonderful group of nurses who without even knowing it have already helped me out so much...from finding white uniforms that don't show through to the best stethascopes for the long haul. I really like the amount of knowledge that has been collected here for everyone to benefit from...thanks so much!

    Like I said, it can lie dormant and go undetected until bloodwork is done....I don't believe it was "caused" by that fall...I believe it was detected as a result of that happening. I had a patient who was in a car accident (7 years old) and it was detected at that time through bloodwork but the parents recalled after a brainstorm that he had in fact been scratched by a cat monthsssss before which was so small they didn't think anything of it.
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    Just telling what the Doc told us! I do know that my son has never been around cats because he is allergic to them but he may have gotten scratched by somebody elses cat. I just know that with everything else he had, I never want to go through that again!
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