career after a felony conviction

  1. Does anyone know if u can ever practice again after recieving a drug related felony, that is completly unrelated to work. Meaning there was no diversion, but something that happened outside of work?? Some people say after 10-15 yrs i can practice again. other say i can have my record sealed. can u do medical billing or case managment for insurance co's, legal nurse consulting or become a drug and alcohol counselor if u have a felony conviction. while drinking i let an ex-friend sell a very small amt of drugs from my car. it was a set up and i got charged with possess and delivery. of course i am recovered but will i ever work in my field or related to my field again. i feel like my life is over. Funny i've worked with people who stole drugs from their patients, for self or others at home, even to sell, and they get to practice..get to go through a rehab or whatever, restricted license, but i was an excellent nurse, just going through a really bad time in my life, drank too much at the time and, admittedly allowing such a thing to occur in my presence was the single most stupidest thing i've ever done. but never went to work drunk or even hung over, just doesn't seem fair. now im viewed as no better than a street level dealer as far as a background checks are concerned...any suggestions.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Did you lose your license? If yes, contact your BON and ask what it would take to apply for reinstatement. BONs takes each request on a case by case basis. You will have to jump through so many hoops you'll get dizzy, but there is always a chance you can be reinstated.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm sorry, but your questions would be much better addressed by your state Board of Nursing and/or a qualified legal professional than a nursing message board. Please consult with these authorities to help you decide how to proceed. Best of luck to you.