Care Plan Help Please!!!!!

  1. I am trying to finish a pediatric care plan for an infant with apnea covering medical, psycosocial and teaching. None of my books even cover infants let alone the other aspects....can anyone suggest a website etc which may help I am soooo stuck!!
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  3. by   TraumaICURN
    Here is the care plan site I used during school. I don't know if it will help or not. GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   Daytonite
    hi, dreamrider_212!

    there is a lot of information to help you with writing care plans on the nursing student forums of allnurses. you will also find many threads where people have asked for and gotten help with care plans on the nursing student assistance and nursing student discussion forums. here are three threads that are usually the most helpful:
    the writing of any care plan starts with gathering data and doing an assessment of the patient. without that basic assessment information, your care plan is going to go nowhere--and it doesn't matter if your patient is an adult, child or a cow. the pediatric information that you are looking for is to support nursing interventions. much of that can be found in pediatric textbooks and in nursing care plan books. there are two care plan constructors that can be accessed online for free. on the threads i've listed above i have listed weblinks directly into 50 to 75 of the nursing diagnosis pages on those two constructor sites that have some pediatric nursing interventions listed. the ackley/ladwig site, in particular will often have pediatric interventions listed along with references.

    it has been very difficult to find any pediatric textbook sites per se on the internet. there are some general medical resources where you can search for specific pediatric diseases or conditions. they are also good for all your other nursing schoolwork as well. i am listing them below, but they are also posted throughout the nursing student forum stickys. if you are still stuck with writing your care plan, please post a question on either the nursing student assistance forum ( or the nursing student discussion forum ( which is where i normally hang out and i will help you. however, you need to list either your assessment data or nursing diagnoses as a starting point for me to be able to help you.

    welcome to allnurses! - a list of links into subjects covered in pediatrics at the emedicine website - virtual pediatric hospital links - links - online pediatric surgical handbook for resident doctors and medical students. links into common surgical problems in children with brief explanations of the treatment. - the university of iowa children's hospital of iowa handbook of neonatology - maternal and child health library at georgetown university links to medical and health information by alphabetical listing

    for sites aimed more at healthcare personnel:

    merck manual of diagnosis and therapy (use search box)

    family practice notebook (use search box)

    medicine net diseases & conditions a to z index

    cleveland clinic disease management project (only major diseases)

    emedicine (you may have to register to view articles, but registration is free)

    web md index list of tests

    web md index list of medical conditions

    web md index list of symptoms

    surgical (links are at left and top of page)

    for sites aimed more at the consumer (easier to read and understand!):

    medline plus (use the search box)

    healthfinder (use the search box)

    medicine net diseases & conditions a to z index

    medicine net symptoms & signs a to z index

    medicine net procedures & tests a to z index

    health a to z - diseases and conditions page (use the search box)

    aetna intelihealth (use the search box)

    peacehealth consumer information (use the search box)

    emedicinehealth first aid and consumer health information list of topics from a to z

    encyclopedia of surgery

    lab tests online

    finding answers to your questions about surgery