caplan review for nclex

  1. I will be graduating may with my bachelor's degree in nursing. I'm wondering does anyone have any input or advice as far as paying $300-$350 to take the caplain review, which literally guarantees you'll pass your boards. That's a lot of money to me at this point with all of the other expenses and having a family, yet at the same time, I don't want to let it go by when I feel I need it because of the money factor.
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  3. by   nightingale
    I had good grades in school but suffered from test anxiety. I think it helped a lot and took the edge off of the event.

    I passed the first time (that made it worthwhile)!

    I think they also have study tapes; some colleagues that were in my class got those and then split the cost with passing the tapes around.

    Good luck to you! You will do fine.. you probably will not believe that until you have that license in your hand!

  4. by   dmarita
    Hi there,
    I took my LPN boards without NCLEX review course 2 years ago and on Tuesday I am taking my RN boards without an NCLEX review course. If you did not have any problems in school with your nursing courses then you should do ok on boards. If worse comes to worse you could always take the review course IF you fail boards which I am sure you won't!!
    Good luck with your studies!
  5. by   Cubby
    When I took my boards, all they did was read to us out of a book we had to purchase!! Very upset! I hope your review class is better than that. Check with other people who have taken this review class and see what they do. I'm sure you will do just fine!
  6. by   nightingale
    When I took the review, we were first given a diagnostic test to see where our weaknesses were; we then were given (4-6 weeks.. I ferrrget how long) of in class lecture with oppourtunity for Q and A and why some responses were better.

    We were then retested at the end and it made quite a difference in my original scores that were given for diagnostic purposes.

    I had the book for the longest time and those I loaned it out to found it helpful.

    The Student ANA aslo has an NCLEX review book that is very helpful.

    Many of the test questions we reviewed in class, in particular, the psych, ones... The word for word was not the same... but similiar. I think the print was the same as has the computer test that Kaplan has in the review disc with the book.

    Any and all testing is helpful to review... Kaplan is one alternative... but again expensive, as you said... Your college should also have some testing centers to help you review.

    You will probably do fine without spending all that money.... Just get some good NCLEX review books and maybe a disc for the computer.

    For me... I was glad to pass the first time...

  7. by   Totone656
    I used Kaplan along with Saunder's and Lippincott's computer discs. I do have to say the Kaplan's disc were more like what the NCLEX was then the others. Depending on which city you live Kaplan now has a 6 week study course which runs around $500.

    NCLEX goes into prioritzing big time! You get the kind of question that have you asking yourself, "I don't remember this type of question from anything I studied."
    But I did pass with answering only 75 questions. And the wait to hear if you passed or not is the longest wait you can ever imagine.
    Good Luck!
  8. by   Teshiee
    I say do whatever works for you. I won't say it is a waste of time because some of us do need that extra help when taking tests. Personally with my LVN and RN boards I passed them the first time.

    I did purchase a Kaplan NCLEX for reference for about $30 and it helped me a great deal. Especially dealing with those crazy questions like, all except or none. I say try to least to the most expensive. I wish you luck in whatever you choose.