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I am currently on assignment in Pittsburgh where one of the large hospitals has just turned down travelers in lieu of their importation of Phillipino nurses. I am VERY opposed to this for a number... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from banditrn
    Thank you for correcting me! I thought that the medical workers also came in under the H1B.

    I resent the candidates who pay lip service to helping the American middleclass - yet when you watch how they vote, it does anything BUT help. I have NO idea who to vote for in the presidential election - certainly none of the democrats - they were most of them behind the amnesty bill.

    I'm also afraid of another Republican like we have now.
    some medical staff like doctors will come under H1b but nurses was getting so abused that I think immigration had to step in. you should read the International forum as it will give you an indication what we have to go through before we can immigrate. It isn't as easy as people think.

    Politics is a hard one and even hubby and myself don't discuss it as we would rather spend time enjoying ourselves than argue on religion and politics. We both vote just don't know who
  2. by   woody62
    Actually according to our immigration website, RNs can still come in under H1B visas. To qualify for one, you have to hold a bachelor's degree, something not to difficult because many overseas countries already require such degrees for licensure in their countries. Also one can qualify for one if your nursing specialty is in critical care, perioperative, school health, occupational health, rehab, ER, OR, oncology or pediatrics.

    If you are Australian, you can qualify for an E3 visa. If you are a citizen of Canada or Mexico you can enter under the NAFTA professions agreement.

    And of course, there is always the Green Card for employment. All your potential employer has to do is 'prove' that there are no available U.S. citizens for the position. The proof isn't that hard to demonstrate.

    I guess the bachelor degree requirement, for this country, isn't such a bad idea after all, given so many overseas countries are now requiring them of their own nurses.