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Hi all, I know that there are alot of you out there............Canadian RN's who left for and are working in the US. What is it like? Are you happy with your choice? Would you recommend it? ... Read More

  1. by   JMP

    I like the sound of Austin........... went to Houston once, did not care too much for it- my God you could not walk outside at night, even with your husband!

    Thanks for your input- I like the sounds of the EVERY item we buy (except for grocery items) we pay 15 %. That is right- fifteen percent.

    My deductions are more like 35% on my income........ but then we are a more socialist country and we do have free medical care for everyone.

  2. by   mattsmom81
    Wow,JMP, sounds like you guys are taxed to death up there in Canada...but I know my brother in sister in Minnesota pay about the same as you due to their state tax and their liberal welfare system, which accounts for much their high tax base.

    All large cities in the south have a crime problem...for some reason the nutcases gravitate to the warm climate I guess! Did you hear about the CNA here in Fort Worth that hit a man and let him die in her garage.....she lived in one of those types of areas about 5 miles from where I wouldn't go even during daylight...when you travel just ask the regulars and they'll clue you in on where NOT to go! Also ask the best drive routes so you won't get lost or break down in some dangerous neighborhood unawares..... plus I wouldn't even get into a vehicle without my cell phone in this day and age.
  3. by   JMP
    So, the American RN's what do you think of this?

    1. I am about to reach my first year anniversary at my local hospital and my raise will take me to $22.61 hour ( starting in May)

    2. I work in an ICU with a strict one to one pt ratio ( only time we are doubled is when pt's are awaiting step down beds and are not intubated.

    3. 12 hour shifts- full time- time and half paid for any over time, pension plan, dental and extended health benefits. Of course, free health care, due to Canada, well being Canada.

    4. Strong unionized enviroment- VERY strong. we have alot of rights. We have a fairly strong say in what happens. I nuts to leave? Any bold, up front answers appreciated................ looking for input.

    Thanks J.
  4. by   fergus51
    Your wages aren't great, but you make up for it in benes and patient load!!! That's all pretty sweet. Don't forget to mention that there is no mandatory OT!!!

    JMP, can I ask, why do you want to go to the US? If it's for adventure and something different and a chance to save some money I say enjoy. If you are going looking for a better hospital environment you may be dissapointed
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Fergus, I agree with your post. Sounds like ya'll have great working conditions in Canada!

    Your wages now are better than 1 yr RN's would be here, but as mentioned your taxes and standard/cost of living are also higher so it probably evens out. Agency travel wages will not be a whole lot better than you make now unless their payrates have taken a jump lately....I don't know for sure.

    Come down to visit and adventure, sightsee on your days off as Fergus said! You won't fall in love with the working conditions here, but its fun to see how other countries do things...I would enjoy travel nursing to Canada, Britain, or Australia for the same reason. Best wishes!
  6. by   JMP
    Fergus- Mattsmom

    I guess it is a middle age type thing......looking for some adventure before I need the walker to get around..........:-)

    I see some of the RN's around me who have 20 plus years in the ICU and that is OK.......... but I am thinking about the adventure before I get too stuck in the old ICU mud..........if you know what I mean?

    We will be planning some trips........looking around.......doing homework............ I agree that wages and taxes and total costs of living probally even out in the end.........

    Reading other posts about hell hole hospitals scares me howevever......... that is one thing I do not want to do- since I am at a good one right now........... I will continue to do my research! Thanks for your input!
  7. by   mattsmom81
    I worked per diem agency with a group of girls working the Harris Hospital system (a good system here in DFW) on long term contracts from Canada...they had a ball here, I'll tell you!

    They bunked together and took off on little adventures into Mexico, and on cruises...they totally enjoyed themselves. I have a few gal pals that do contract travel and I have a standing invite to join them is tempting, isn't it? Just might have to do it someday...before I need that same walker, JMP.....LOL.