Can you talk about the holistic nursing care?

  1. Can you talk about the holistic nursing care?
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  3. by   Agnus
    taditionally health care has been base on theroies that are single dementional and basically say you either have symptoms and there fore lack health or you are healthy. The medical model of health care is based on this.
    The medical model looks at systems seperate from the individual (" the gallbaldder in room 301") You go to the doctor and he treats you for your gall baldder disease. Never looking at the fact there are other tings going on here. What complex set of things lead to the disease, what will you have to deal with in other parts of you life and health because of this. Sergeons are especially prone to isolate single systems or oragans and ignore everything else. A holistic approach is more likely to be taken by nurses (yea, nurses!! ) that takes in the whole picture of the patient with his psychosocial, spiritual, cultural, physical (whole physical body) his famly and community into the picture. A simple gallbalder conditions does not happen in isolation of these other factors but is a manifestation that result from the influences of all of these, and as important, and inturn effect these other things as well. This is a very over simplified example but maby the gall baldder problem has been so debilitating that this client can't care for his children and is contemplating suiside because he has no insurance and his cultural or relighious or famlily upbringing says he is worthless if he can't care for them. Or maby the guy saw something on TV that is influencing him. (TV is part of culture)
    Nothing is simple in human life. and Holistic care recognized and respects this.
  4. by   prn nurse
    It is too bad you took the time to reply. Although your reply was interesting, half of the words were misspelled. A-Rose will not be able to translate what you said because of all the misspelled words. Why don't you click on edit and go back and correct your spellings so China Rose can put your reply through her interpretation software?
  5. by   WashYaHands
    Holistic nursing care is the consideration of the patient's mind, body, and spirit when they experience illness. Mind, body, and spirit comprise the whole person rather than just the body system effected by illness. Holistic nursing care includes assessing physiological, psychological, cultural, developmental, and spiritual responses of the patient during illness and health.
  6. by   Marijke
    Holistic nursing care was one of the first things I heard when I started nursing school in 1985 in The Netherlands. It is something I have never forgotten, it makes an incredible amount of sense to me. It is as far as I am concerned the only way to approach nursing.
    You look at the whole human being when providing care. Being physically ill results very often in social economic or mental health problems (unable to work, no money, improper nutrition, strain on marriage etc.). It can also result in other medical problems, for example the patient has surgery, receives IV fluids ends up with congestive heart failure due to an overload. Or mental problems, patient comes to hospital with broken hip, has surgery becomes confused as a result of the anesthetic.
    On the other hand social economic problems can result in physical or mental health problems (improper nutrition, late detection of illness due to inability to pay, no prenatal care resulting in problems for mother and child).
    Holistic nursing tries to look at the human being and all of its systems. If a thing happens to one part of the body, what is the result to other parts of the body and its surroundings (including mental status). A nurse who provides holistic care will be aware of these things and will provide care accordingly, he/she looks at cause and result and will plan care accordingly. This kind of nursing can be used in any kind of setting I think.
  7. by   Marijke
    Before I forget, prn nurse get of your high horse, there are more pleasant ways to correct people. Everybody makes mistakes ever heard of dyslexia?
  8. by   prn nurse
    Just hated to see Ag's reply lost in the software interpreting shuffle. Guess I am obsessing. Sorry. And Ag , if you are dyslexic, I triple apologise.
  9. by   a-rose
    Thank everyone! I like each of the replays!
    Speed of Agnus typewriting is very fast. I think: taditionally ¨Ctraditionally theories¡ªtheories Dementional---?
    seperate ¨Cseparate Gallbaldde---gallbladder Sergeons¡ªsurgeons
    oragans¡ªorgans famly--- family inturn¡ªreturn ? maby---maybe
    suiside¡ªsuicide relighious¡ªreligious

    Thank your particular answers again!