Can you take a look at this LPN Program Curriculum?

  1. in follow up to my nlnac-accreditation thread, i wanted to post the curriculum from the college i am interviewing with tomorrow. it seems as though they have you simultaneously take your pre-reqs...but i'm wondering why they aren't just called : eng 101, bio 201, soc 101, pysch 201...etc.

    although many colleges said that i can attend their lpn-rn bridge program...i'm still wondering if they would look at these pre-reqs and disqualify me...they are the classes most colleges require..but i don't understand their "names/titles".

    practical nursing (49 credits)
    degree requirementscredits
    pn certificate #6549
    major requirements
    semester i 16 credits

    ns-101 - orientation to nursing
    ns-105 - pharmaceutical calculations
    ns-111 - human anatomy and physiology i
    en-109 - expository writing
    ns-110 - nursing arts and skills

    semester ii 19 credits
    ns-112 - human anatomy and physiology ii
    ns-115 - fundamentals of nursing
    ns-120 - basic nursing i
    la-101 - introduction to psychology

    semester iii
    14 credits
    ns-113 - microbiology and infection control
    ns-121 - basic nursing ii
    la-102 - introduction to sociology

    degree requirements for certificate program in practical nursing
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  3. by   amjowens
    I attended a university before I did my LPN at a community college. The names of my courses that counted as pre-reqs were all different at the university from what I was asked to have, yet the community college accepted them. Generally, english, math, basic sciences, etc., unless purely remedial (which often are pass/fail and not given "credit" anywhere), are going to be accepted as long as you took the courses at an accredited college. It's all up to the school you are about to attend, though. I've heard of some schools (especially the business-trade ones that tend to have huge tuition and THEIR classes don't transfer anywhere) don't accept credits, but make you take some insanely difficult test to test-out (yep, you pay for that too), but most don't pass, as they are trying to make money off you having to take their courses even if you've had it before. I don't know, red flag to me there if ever a red flag! Good luck on your interview!!!
  4. by   rsiddons0001
    The classes you are being required to take look exactly the same as mine (I'm in school in KY) the only difference is that your pre-req's are mixed in with your nursing classes. THat is a little different I have never seen that before. I WILL say that when I moved from CA to KY all of my college credit transferred as technical credits and I have had to repeat classes I have already had. I was thinking scam and checked into it only to find that it was legit and all colleges would have transferred them the same way because of the college I had attended previousely's accredidation type and the number of years that had passed since I took the classes. Good luck and let us know!
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    This looks like the norm when I compare this list to some of the vocational practical nursing programs that I have seen.
  6. by   *guest*
    Thank you guys! Ugh..see that's the thing I don't wish to do. If I am going to go to college..I would hate to go back and have to repeat so much. I can understand 1-3 classes or something...but I have already wasted so much time taking over 15 classes in California that don't even count out here..and I keep starting over again and again and again.