Can you go back home?

  1. Ok, so I left 3 years of ER to go to Public Health. Hate it. Tomorrow have an interview in different ER. My question is, 8 months after being away, can you go back and how hard do you think it will be to get back into the swing of things? Smaller ER, GREAT staff. Some say that it takes a special person to be an ER nurse. I say it takes a special person to do any specialty (and these days EVERY unitor section is a specialty!!!). I think it takes a really special person to work public health. I feel like my skills are wasting away, like I'm a big faker. I know what to do when your having an MI, but need a hospital bed at home, boy, I don't know what to tell ya! Call the DME places in the phone book; you don't need me to do that for you! I really miss acute care, and the ER I am interviewing in has very few of the problems that the previous ER had, especially because the nurse manager actually advocates FOR her staff. Any well wishes are appreciated!!!
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  3. by   altomga
    Amy..Sounds like you are thirsting for action! I will agree that it takes a special person to work Public Health....but it takes a special nurse to work any floor/unit, service...I personally could not stand to work on a strictly cardiac floor, but those nurses could not stand to work my Medical Floor...That's what is great about nursing..something different for all of us.
    You've only been gone for 8 mos.......I thought I would be a little "off" when I came back from 3mos of maternity leave....let me tell you..after the first night it never felt like I had been gone at all!!
    Good luck
    You will DO GREAT
  4. by   KELLYGIRL
    Sounds like your heart is in ER. Good luck girl!
  5. by   karbyr
    your skills will be as good as ever, if not honed by what you learned at public health (might be surprised what you learned there), the breather will have sharpened your focus..........go for it and good luck
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    i am CERTAIN (from seeing all the ER openings in hospitals around here anyhow) you would be grabbed up in a New York MINUTE! Good luck. You seem to know what is right for you.
  7. by   live4today
    Sending well-wishes your way Amy for the best in whatever you decide to do!
  8. by   BadBird
    I think once you are in the ER it will become just a second nature to you, just like you never left. Good luck.
  9. by   amy
    So, I had the interview this morning and got the job!!! The interesting part is that a little over 1 year ago I shadowed one of the staff members in the department when I originally considered changing facilities. The nurse manager stated that she had decided at that time to offer me a job however did not because I never really pursued it. (who'da thunk it?!?) So, pending my reference checks, I basically have a new job. YAYYYY!!! Have to complete a month in Public Health (or as my best friend calls it "public he**) due to union contract after giving my notice. Really excited here!!! They remembered me most, I think, because one of the staff members bought me dinner after I left my wallet upstairs (I of course paid him back); they have teased him about it ever since ("you couldn't even BRIBE her right" the NM joked) so I may kid hhim that NM said a condition of my employment would be my dinners purchased indefinately...
    Thanks to all with good thoughts and wishes; it was really nice to see. Especially since I "lurk" often and post occasionally.
    I'll keep you posted! Almost feel bad for public health as they have been VERY good to me there... but it still just doesn't ring my bell.
    Thanks again everyone!
  10. by   P_RN
    Best of luck Amy in your new old job!
  11. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Congrats! And good luck in your new job!
  12. by   amy
    I am still working in the ER. Short of the story, had a bit of a hard time getting used to the way they do some things as I knew the inner workings of other hospital like the back of my hand. Still love ER, and as said by another, I AM surprised at what I learned there (public health/home care) and never even realized it! Thanks so much for your good wishes; Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you all: gotta love computer problems!
  13. by   barefootlady
    So glad you let us know you are doing fine in the new job. I thought you would have more problems adjusting to a new place than picking up your ER skills. I think we learn a little something from every position we have unless we have some of those quirkey nasal hairs blocking our brain. LOL. Glad you are enjoying the job. Keep smiling and hope you are getting a free dinner every so often.