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So I had a career. A Good job, made descent money, stable...something was "missing" what did I do? I went and became a nurse. Cut down my hours at work, studied hard and then passed NCLEX and... Read More

  1. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    Today I got a new type of rejection email, it made me smile because I know they are all prewritten responses, but sometimes they feel personal, anyways this one said:
    After carefully reviewing the qualifications and background of the candidate pool, we have decided to pursue other qualified candidates at this time.

    So what are u saying? I am not qualified? Or other candidates who are applying for a new grad position have more experience as a new grad? In my head I said(in my most Valley girl voice) "Like they graduated before me so they have been a new grad longer and have more experience filling out applications?"

    I just never get that "No we dont want to interview you" can letter, because I have 4 years of LPN experience, 1 year as a MA, 2 years as a phlebotomist and lab tech and 1 yr as a CNA... how much more experience can I get to finally get a NEW GRAD RN job???
  2. by   KSU-SN
    here in Ohio its pretty easy to find a nursing job....theres constantly new nurses being hired at the hospital I work at and the Cleveland Clinic hired like 60-some nurses not too long ago
  3. by   Platypus
    Try LTC/ Skilled Nursing facilities. They will hire new grads. I just hired 5 new nurses because those with experience have jobs already.
  4. by   ms_sgr
    @gonna amaze you. Scott and white in Texas hires new grads, also Grady which is located in atlanta
  5. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    Thanks for the leads I'll def check them out!!
  6. by   FLmed
    Once you get the BSN, you will be a preferred candidate for nurse residency programs. Many hospitals will do these programs and there will be very short timeframes to apply. Best of luck to you. Sending you a big hug.
  7. by   jeanine53098
    So I have been reading and I am getting more and more frustrated, but at the same time glad that I am not the only one. I have been applying to at least 50 positions a day, if a not more since January. Got called back for an interview for popular hospital in Philadelphia as a nurse for one of their pediatric practices. The interview went well, had wonderful professional references, they invited me back to shadow, I did for 4 hours, after the shadow I sent them a Thank You letter....2 weeks or so went by, I heard nothing, I contacted the HR woman, she said they were still interviewing candidates, she would get back to me when they came to a decision....this was back in February, still havent gotten a thanks for wasting your time here, we picked someone else! So angry!!!! I was offered a position as a summer day camp nurse, I enjoyed it, but it only ran for 9 weeks. I spent every day that I was with the camp applying for jobs knowing that this one was only seasonal.

    I interviewed for a pool RN position at The Devereux Foundation and they offered me the position.....they had some difficulty reaching one of my references, but after speaking with me for alternate contact info were successful....they then invited me to sign the contract, take an ID badge pic, do the drug screen, register for training. The woman called me to confirm my training date and to tell me that everything was in order as far as my drug screen results being received, the occupational health office completed my physical form, etc.....I was suppose to start training 9/18 (Tuesday) the Thursday before, the HR woman called me to tell me, "Im really sorry to do this, but we had to lay some staff off yesterday, so we don't need a pool RN right now". I was devastated, but had to keep myself together and say well "thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate your call". I was also hired to do substitute school nursing on 8/21, went there accepted the offer, filled all the paperwork out, got an ID badge.....someone from credentialing will contact you and give u a login and password so u can access the schedule and sign up to work......the 1st week of school was 2 days away and no call from credentialing, so i called and emailed and they were working on it they will be in touch shortly....credentialing contacted me 9/12, I signed and returned more e-forms and passed all 3 online tests (OSHA 96, HIPPA 95, Nursing Skills 100), still waiting for them to give me my login info. I confirmed they received everything, they did....was on yesterday and there was an ad for this position, I was angry, I emailed the HR lady and asked her to call me when she had time, she called and I asked her if I was no longer needed, was there a reason I havent been contacted and her response was "we defintely need u, i contacted credentialing and I will be in touch over the next few days with your login info.....we'll see!

    OK, pick urself up and move on to the next application, and thats what I did. I applied to do chart reviews at different locations in my area, the woman called me Monday morning I was on the phone with her for over an hour and she offered me the position and I accepted. She then sent me 35 pages via email that I needed to print, fill out, and send back to her ASAP.....did all that, she called me 6 times yesterday and the last time I spoke to her was at 1:48p to confirm that she received everything, I was ready to start training on Oct 8th.....well, at 3:06p she called to tell me that the project myself and 2 other nurses were hired for fell thru and we were no longer needed!!!! I was FURIOUS! On Monday evening a woman from Take Care Health Clinics called me at 5p to discuss a position doing phone triage, I immediately stopped what I was doing (dinner for my kids, homework etc) and said "yes now is a good time to talk", I spent 47 minutes on the phone with her and she was going to send my info to the nurse manager and get back to me.....still havent heard from her or the RN manager, I sent her an email thanking her for taking time out of her day to speak with me right after we ended the call and they cant even contact you back and say, we're going to interview someone else, but thanks?

    Ive applied to doc offices, LTC, hospitals, community centers, occupational health, correctional facilities, they dont want u if u dont have acute care experience. I live in PA, suburbs of Philly, there are quite a few people I know who cannot get nursing jobs. And someone said it earlier in this post, ur too qualified for CNA work and not qualified enough to be a paid RN. I dont know what the answer is, but I dont know how much more I can take. Its starting to bring me down. I dont know how to handle the high of being offered these positions and then being told right before training, oh we dont need u now. I also thought I should check the minority box on the application and if they call say it was a computer error lol. I am desperate at this point! Any suggestions, advice, anyone been thru a similar situation.

    Thanks for letting me vent, its been a long time coming.