Can I teach high school science with a BSN? - page 2

Hi all, I would like to be a high school science teacher after a while of nursing, or if I burn out (whichever comes first). Does anyone know about or have experience with teaching high school... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    My SOL is a teacher and I believe she deals with as much political ******** or more than nurses. The system makes it almost impossible to get tenure...much in the same way hospitals don't want to give nurses raises...the evaluations are never good enough and you can't possibly do enough to please them.

    I agree good teachers are worth their weight in gold...but as a whole they are unappreciated much the same as nurses, IMHO. I do have friends that sub-teach and enjoy that...but they say they wouldn't want to do it fulltime! Subs in my area need only pass a background check. No degree required to sub.