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I have decided to go back to school.....only this time i'm going to go to slow guy school......ya know, to learn to be the guy standing on the side of the road holding a slow sign..... I could wear... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    Hi ! I've been seeing a lot of the "slow guys" lately (road construction) and I like to "wave" to them, most are very friendly ! :chuckle
  2. by   karmcq
    My apologies if i offended any "slow guys" who read this, it certainly wasn't meant to demean them in any way. And as far as throwing myself under a roller......well, i probably would too....but it would be about noon on my fifth day!! lol......i would take the time to enjoy it first......

    Thanks to all who let me was a particularly bad day..... we had a sentinel event.......there was a gun involved...... and yes, someone died....... I got written up for calling the police instead of security....... oh well......... I couldn't believe it, guess there are a lot of suits with less to do with their time than i do.

    Just let me stress the fact that i love my job.......there is nothing else i would rather do.......thanks for listening
  3. by   nell
    Funny that you would start this thread on the same day a "leditor" (letter to the editor) would appear in our local paper complaining about the low wages for county road workers.

    "A laborer in the private sector gets $29.39 an hour with benefits. A PWMW (Public Works Maintenance Worker) gets $14.06 an hour. A Teamster with benefits gets $36 an hour and a PWMW II gets $16.63 an hour. An Operating Engineer gets $43.93 an hour and a PWMW III gets $20.28 an hour. We could go on but those people who say we're overpaid get the idea.

    Just a little picture of the wage disparity between college educated and not.

    And dawngloves: our garbage men don't have to go near the smelly trash - their trucks have big arms on them that pick up and dump the carts. Woe be it to the neighbor who doesn't position their cart just right. We had a garbage man that decided we all had to line our carts up in a certain place that happened to block two neighbors' driveways. Also, our carts would get mixed up - I am the last up (work pm shift) and found that I got stuck with a small cart (I'm paying for a medium). took a lot of neighborhood complaining to get rid of that uppity garbage man. He's probably in another neighborhood being a PIA.