Can CPR renewal be done online?!

  1. So I have an interview this monday for the medical telemetry unit and the HR person have told me that I need to bring my RN license and CPR card,but mine expired on July I think The interview came unexpectedly and I always though that hospitals give you a certain time frame to get your things together (like last time when I interviewed for the same hospital they never mentioned to bring rn license or cpr card...I know it is a good sign to be asked to brings those two items since they are really serious about hiring someone but I just always thought that I will have some time between a job offer and the actuall start date to renew my you think that there is an oline course to get recertified in CPR in an express manner or should I just explain my situation and let them know I will renew my CPR right away...thank you...
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  3. by   MsSocalRN
    I don't think it is a good idea, I personally went that route because I was in the same situation and just wasted the money because most hospitals will not accept anything but American Heart Association, good luck and keep searching I am sure there is a class being held somewhere in your area.
  4. by   HouTx
    American Heart BLS is available 'online' through a partnership with Laerdal (the mannikin company). They actually have packages you can send for to do the Heartsaver module - package comes with software & half-torso mannikin. But to get BLS for HealthCare providers, you have to to to a center that is set up with a mannikin lab. There aren't that many yet.

    We are using online (AHA) BLS & ACLS in my organization - it's working fine, but the skills have to be done in a mannikin lab. We have been using it for a while, and our results are just as good - if not better- than traditional classes.
  5. by   classicdame
    AHA requires two things for CPR: didactics (learning) and competency (doing). You can go to their website for the didactic portion, but will still need to demonstrate competency to a certified AHA instructor or use one of the special manikins as mentioned below. Call around to find out who offers what. AHA can give you names of training centers in your area.
  6. by   Orca
    My agency requires hands-on CPR classes. Even if an employee renews online they must attend the CPR class the agency provides for the hands-on demonstration. Given those regulations there is little point in spending the money. Especially for those of us in practice areas where we seldom use CPR, it's a good idea anyway to refresh our memories about the actual mechanics.
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  7. by   Speed of Life
    Most of the time when Health care professionals do the online CPR they don't get an American Heart Approved card. You will get a CPR card but it will not be the official American Heart Card. Also, most online classes do not have you do the skills portion. I would find a reputable company who offers the official American Heart Card.
  8. by   Blackheartednurse
    Weight of my black heart))) I have shaken the whole world and found BLS for the healthcare providers class scheduled for tommorow (am I lucky or what?) at the local fire station,whooo!! All I need to do now is review the interview questions and pray to finally get my first RN job!!
  9. by   Speed of Life
    Be careful taking from Fire Dept.'s they teach firemen CPR.....which is to break ribs loose and all that does is kill the person. Enjoy your class and good luck.
  10. by   thatchiq9
    From what I was told, if it does not have the "clinical" portion of it, then it is a scam. Basically, the classwork can be done online, but there needs to be a check off in order to get the actual card.
  11. by   nickos
    I'm so glad you found it through the fire station! I realized too late that all my opportunities for renewal through my workplace were on days I couldn't make it. I was panicking when an EMT I work with referred me to MY local fire station. The girl who did the course was fantastic, I was the only student, she did it with short notice AND for free. A real life saver!
  12. by   Blackheartednurse
    Quote from Speed of Life
    Be careful taking from Fire Dept.'s they teach firemen CPR.....which is to break ribs loose and all that does is kill the person. Enjoy your class and good luck.
    OMG seriously, I think I have the basics down and have a general idea how to perform cpr, I just need a valid date that is all
  13. by   nickos
    I'm sorry but the idea that firemen perform "fireman's CPR" which results in death is pretty silly.
    I think CPR is to save lives..and I've heard...if you hear ribs crack; you're probably doing it right.
  14. by   RhiaRN75
    I guess it depends on the facility and your experience.
    I've done mine online before- once when I was a traveler because that's what they wanted. A good portion of staff at that facility had online CPR's.
    The second time was when I lived a fair bit of distance from my job, had a very sick husband, worked third, plus kids and everything else. My facility also accepted it, but I did the traditional one at work soon after when everything calmed down a bit.
    I also am/was current on ACLS, NRP, PALS, ENPC, and TNCC- so the CPR card was really just more of a requirement then a need for me.
    Some things have changed in the past few years w/ regards to CPR techniques- so if you haven't had a class w/ the new requirements, hands on may be better.