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Or have input. I'm a 30 y/o mother of two. I have two very young boy's. I'm only working contigent. I totally love the concept of nursing. I'm an excellent nurse. Very knowledgable and... Read More

  1. by   wrkoutgirl
    Bravo!, Bravo! to Renne. excellent ideas and rational. This is Monica again, the new Latino grad. your words are very encouraging. There isn't much i can say but I know that one day I am going to be part of us nurses who are going to bring our profession to where you remember it used to be. You are right Renee it is up to us. Are you collecting signatures for that letter that u are sending to Washington? please let us know. monica
  2. by   nursedora
    I agree with Monica, Renee, if you are going to collect signatures for your petition to Legislation, and if you are accepting LPN as well as RN signatures, I'd like to sign as well.

    I'd like to see Nursing a respected field again rather than feeling like Sary Gamp.
  3. by   live4today
    I would very much appreciate any signatures to add to my letter that I will be sending to the "heads that be" in DC. I will draft a letter, then email it to any interested nurses (LPNs and RNs alike)to sign sometime after the holidays are over (say...January 2002).

    If any nurse is sincere about this, you may send me a private message through this forum and include your email address so once I have the letter drafted, I can send it out to all of you to sign. Remember that I won't be able to start on this letter until after the holidays as I will not be home until then. Right now I am visiting with family many miles from my home, so I have been reading my emails and posting here with my family member's computer whenever they are not using it. Thanks nurses!
  4. by   wrkoutgirl
    hi renee. it is monica. i tried to send you e-mail but it did not go thru, i guess i need more time to play with this page. i will give you my e-mail address here. it is ok. i only open mail that i recognize. you can send me a copy of that letter that you are writing and also let us know how we can help, as we say in spanish "la union hace la fuerza" = Together we'll create power. thank you monica
  5. by   askater
    Renee I tried to figure out the P.M. thing. I can't. So you can E-mail me at
  6. by   live4today
    To send a private message, click on pm at the bottom of any message that a person replies to and a screen will come up with that particular person's name already noted in the recipient box, so all you have to do is type in your message in the space provided. After typing in your message, click on the send button at the bottom of the page and presto! Your private message has just been sent!
  7. by   wrkoutgirl
    thank you renne, i got it. have a great chritsmas. monica