Calling Australian nurses! regarding uni and salaries!

  1. I'm a 17 year old student in my last year of high school in Victoria, Australia. I'm considering a career in nursing. Can anyone recommend good universities (the best?)? also can someone tell me about the salaries ranges in nursing. Thanks.
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  3. by   Nurse Kat
    As I said in the other thread you started, I'm in my final year of nursing at Deakin, Melbourne. Three year course. It's a good course, not everone likes the format, problem based/self directed. Great reputation, we're the only VIC course with clinicals in the first year (not all of the VIC unis do anyway). I am biased but Deakin is a great uni, great social life etc. All the Vic unis have good courses though. But Deakin has more fun!!!
    As far as salary next year I will earn around $16.70-17.70 Ausie per hour for morning shifts, more on lates, nights and weekends. Works out to about $1000 AU take home a fortnight. That's just the graduate program wages, they go up after your first year.
    If you want more info about DEAKIN go to
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  5. by   OrthoNutter
    Don't go to CQU....I didn't enjoy their course coz there was a lot of waffly nonsense crap in first year. Also, no prac until second year so by the time you know what it's like, too bad how sad, you've wasted a year of your life. My starting salary was $32k as a state RN and that INCLUDED penalties. Don't do it for the money....that's what I did and I'm regretting it. If you do choose nursing, do so because it chose you first....all the best in your future decisions.
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    where's CQU? Sorry, not very familiar with abbreviation.
  7. by   OrthoNutter
    Happystar...the sunshine/smart/sick state...Queensland...

    Sorry...didn't realise you were a Melbourne/Victoria girl so I don't think the option of studying there would ever have occurred to you anyway. I'm on nights at the moment so my brainpower is at absolute minimum.

  8. by   jayna
    I agree with Nurse Kat. Deakin UNI' have a good reputation even though am from the solomons I know about it.
  9. by   Tookie
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