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I am going to a meeting today regarding call light systems. Our hospital is getting ready to build a new facility and I have been invited to a meeting to look over new call light systems for our new... Read More

  1. by   jaxnRN
    We have the same system with the badge we wear and can be tracked and HUNTED DOWN by the unit clerk! At first I wondered if it would make the security alarms go off at Wal Mart but it didn't!

    Now I just worry that the darn things will give us breast cancer!
  2. by   canoehead
    If you bring the union into the picture before deciding on one system or another you may prevent some conflicts after you've already put out money to purchase a system.
  3. by   Tilleycs
    Hey Cindy, I'm actually working at Hill-Rom! I'm in the computer field and thinking about going into nursing. I'm a technical writer (contractor) and documenting their nurse call systems! I'm at their Cary, NC, location.

    Cool! "It's a small world, after all..."
  4. by   deespoohbear
    Don't have a union.....